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“Axiom Aviation will be involved from the beginning in my next aviation project.”


Project Management : Pre-Buy
Pre-buy | Completion | Refurbishment | Modification | Inspections

The pre-buy process is the foundation for a successful transaction. The sooner problems are discovered, the more easily they can be addressed, to the satisfaction of buyer and seller alike. Axiom Aviation's decades of combined experience in all aspects of aircraft ownership and operation is your guarantee that the pre-buy process will be managed to your advantage.

Working either as your authorized representative when buying or selling, or hired as a third-party consultant, Axiom Aviation will bring precision and professionalism to the pre-buy stage of every transaction. We'll be present at all key stages of the process, including inspections, movement of the aircraft and contract negotiations.

Citation X sn 18
Lear 45 sn 150
Lear 45 sn 107
CItation III sn 13
Falcon 2000 sn 87

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